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Getting ready for a summer picnic

Andy and I love the wine tasting culture here in VA.  Unlike in California, you don’t “winery hop” and do 3 or 4 tastings in a day.  Instead, many people pack a picnic and spend the whole afternoon at one winery.  We’ve done this twice & love it!  But we realized that we needed some cute picnic supplies for these little excursions.

I had been casually looking around for cute melamine plates, bowls & cups.  A couple of weeks ago, I stumbled on an awesome sale at Target on the cutest plates, cups, and bowls!

Picnic Plates Collage

I grabbed (1) a 4-pack of yellow tumblers (it’s important to drink wine AND water!), (2) a 4-pack of bright yellow bowls for salad, and (4) a 4-pack of fun chevron dinner plates.  I didn’t buy (3) the chevron tablecloth, but it’s such a perfect match that I consider it every time I go to Target!

Now all we need is a cute picnic basket & cooler tote.

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9 thoughts on “Getting ready for a summer picnic

    • Thanks Kenley! We ended up finding a table inside at the winery because it was a little cold to be outside, but the picnic supplies still worked beautifully! I still need to see if I can hunt down that basket I posted about.

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