DIY Lampshade Update: Pinterest Challenge

Lamp Shade Update - DIY Painted Navy Stripe

Why yes, I know I’m a day early, but I did two projects for the Winter Pinterest Challenge. I’ll be back tomorrow to share the more involved project. This project only took about 20 minutes total – including taping and two coats of paint. I had lots of grand ideas for what to do to update the lampshade but when I though hard about it, I realized I didn’t want an overly involved pattern. I was also concerned that if I did one of the ribbon ideas, it would look good in pictures, but in real life it might look like “Oh, you glued some ribbon to your lampshade…” So that’s how the idea of the navy stripe was born.

There’s no tutorial, because it was super simple! I taped off a stripe using some blue painters tape and then taped of another a few inches above the first. Then I simply painted the stripe using some Martha Stewart “Deep Sea” Craft Paint in a satin finish. I thought one coat would do the trick, until I turned on the light, at which point it was clear that I did not get good coverage everywhere. It was an easy fix though – I just painted another coat over the first with the light turned on, to make sure that I got proper coverage the second time around!

Lamp Shade Update - DIY Painted Navy Stripe and New Pillows

So what do you think? I think it’s already brightened up that spot! I’m still considering painting, or otherwise updating the lamp itself. Maybe some white paint? Or some sisal rope? What project are you sharing tomorrow?

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Design Dilemma

Hello lovely blog readers!

On Thursday, I shared our living room in its current state.  I recently sewed new pillow covers & recovered the ottoman but unfortunately that didn’t quite transform the room in the way I hoped it would!  So now I’m sharing my “long wall dilemma” with you in the hopes that your awesome thoughts and idea will help me figure out how to make this room a little happier!Design Dilemma - Living Room Wall


As you can see, I pointed out some of the issues I have identified in the room.  I think the biggest one is what to do with the wall behind the sofa!  I can’t move the furniture much, as the TV is in the only spot it can be & well we like to watch TV!  Here’s a {reverse} floor plan of what our apartment looks like.  The sofa is on the living room wall across from the kitchen & the TV is on the wall between the balcony door & the dining room.


So now I hand it over to you.  What changes would you make in the room?  I would really appreciate budget conscious suggestions, but I’d also love to hear what you would do with a more substantial budget!  Can’t wait to hear all your awesome ideas!

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Color Infusion

Infusions happen slowly right?  Because that’s how I feel about the progress in the living room.  I LOVE the new pillows, although I’m contemplating adding one or two more to the mix.

New Pillows View from the Chair


I also recovered the coffee table / ottoman & I LOVE the grey dots!  My only complaint is that is shows all the rug fibers that get transferred when we bum around with our feet on the table.

New Pillows Overhead

I do think I need to add some more color & life to this room & here are some of the options I’m considering

  1. Switch B&W pictures above couch out for color versions
  2. Paint grey frame over bookcase – I’m thinking navy blue
  3. Dye rattan chair cushion covers dark blue
  4. Figure out a way to add curtains over the ugly blinds
  5. Switch out the side table lamp for something more colorful & modern


New Pillows Couch


Notice those two blue and red blankets draped over the sofa arms?  They are our “African blankets.”  Best travel souvenir EVER.  They are super warm and cuddly & they go in the washer & the dryer without a problem – which is good because Penny also things they’re super warm and cuddly!