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Nope, we’re not moving out of our apartment.  Instead this blog is moving.  I’ve been blogging here at Our Next Great Adventure for almost a year, so I figure the move needs to happen now or never.  We (or rather I) originally envisioned this blog as a way to keep our family and friends up to date on our lives in DC.  Turns out we lead pretty ordinary lives, and very few or our family members care to see unlimited pictures of Penelope.  Instagram obviously made spamming them easier too.

Since this blog has turned into more of a DIY / home decorating blog, I though I’d separate the two.  That way the family who only care to see our travel / tourist pictures don’t have to sift through pages upon pages of me sewing new pillow covers or painting something.  I hope you’ll follow me over to my new location www.thissarahloves.wordpress.com

This Sarah Loves Pink Ombre


I’m still figuring out the final details – like making sure all the pictures transferred correctly – but this should be sorted by Monday.  Most of the posts have been transferred over, but new posts will only be posted over on This Sarah Loves starting Monday.



4 thoughts on “Moving

    • That’s not allowed! Haha. Just kidding, of course it is. In fact it’s encouraged! Excited to see how you decorate the new place (and the nursery)!

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